Artwork Guidelines

Creating your Plastic Card artwork couldn’t be simpler with our detailed guide below. Don’t forget, we’re on hand if you’re not sure of anything relating to your artwork simply by calling 01322 422 619 and asking to speak with our Studio Team.

Using the right colour space - CMYK


The two main colour spaces you will find in most design software are RGB & CMYK. RGB is the colour profile normally used for computer screen and when saving graphics for web applications. The colour space we want is CMYK as these are the colours that combine to create a vibrant full colour print.


If we receive your artwork with a RGB colour profile we will convert it to CMYK, but please remember that colour variations may occur when this conversion is carried out. We would always recommend your artwork being created in CMYK format from the outset, rather than being converted later in the process.


Do you need to change your colour space?

Fortunately it is easy to change colour spaces, but keep an eye out for any colours that change in the process.

Image resolution


We would always recommend that your files are prepared at 300dpi. Be careful when using graphics from the web, as they are usually much lower quality (72 dpi).

If you are using Photoshop to create your artwork, it is imperative that you select the correct resolution before beginning the design.

Artwork Bleed


Bleed is an essential. There can be slight movement during the final cutting process of production and the bleed area prevents any unwanted white borders around the edges of your Plastic Cards. We recommend a minimum of 1.5mm bleed (3mm recommended) on all sides to ensure that your Plastic Cards does not suffer from any border issues during the cutting process.

File Formats


PDFs are the best way to provide artwork to us. You can export PDFs from most design software (try File>Save or File>Export) or you can use software called a PDF Printer to create a PDF from the print menu of ANY other software (if you have Acrobat Professional installed, you should already have ‘Adobe PDF’ in your list of printers, otherwise click here for a free PDF printer).


Any images within the file should have an original resolution of 300 dpi. Please ensure that the file has a 3mm bleed and crop marks (lines around the edges identifying where the bleed ends and the actual artwork begins).


When creating the PDF, the PDF options dialogue should appear. In this window you may have to specify the CMYK colour space. To do this, click on Output on the left hand side, under Conversion select Convert to Destination and under Destination select any option that includes CMYK


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